A lesson from the "King of The Jungle"


king of the jungleWhen I was young, I was made to believe that the lion is the King of the jungle. Consequently, growing up I have always seen the lion as a symbol of strength and courage. Any time I see a picture of a lion, I  always see gracefulness which reminds me of the phrase ‘king of the jungle’. 

My respect for the lion was enhanced when I recently watched a documentary of a lion on Nat Geo Wild TV Channel. All my life I thought the lion was a naturally born Killer (armed with three-inch canine teeth, jaws that deliver 700 pounds of suffocating power). A lion’s roar is the loudest of any big cat and can be heard up to 8 km away.

Miss Malaika 2014 Auditions......Beauty Versus Brains


miss malaika 14The coveted Miss Malaika pageant is here again. We all purr about the beauty of the young Ghanaian ladies auditioning for the pageant. Female students from our various tertiary institutions take this opportunity to showcase their various attributes and their beauty as well.

Charter House, the organizers of this event present young ladies the opportunity to become ambassadors of Ghana while earning for themselves a handsome prize package. Last year over 500 ladies auditioned for the contest with the final 12 selected to compete in the series where Miss Naa Oyoe Quartey was adjudged winner of the contest.